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For more complex and multilayered events such as conferences, of great importance is the team to which the whole organization will be entrusted. With over 10 years of experience in the field, Image in Travel Ltd.  is a reliable partner in all stages of planning and conduction of conference activities.

Overall management, attention to each detail and individual layout of areas, advertising materials, delegate kits and dining areas.

Key elements of the organizational process:

  • Professional choice of location;
  • Keeping current correspondence with all suppliers;
  • Professionally produced registration form;
  • Optimization of the registration process;
  • Management of registration fees;
  • Providing communication with all delegates;
  • Preparation of delegate kits;
  • Preparation of print materials;
  • Design of a complete vision, concept and decoration;
  • Preparation of an individual conceptual project for an entertaining program;
  • On site coordination;

Shopper trends

  • Hilton hotel, Sofia

Partners meeting

  • Primoretz Grand Hotel & Spa, Burgas

Annual meeting

  • NOVOTEL hotel, Sofia