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History View

Being one of the oldest European States with 20-century-old history and traditions, Bulgaria is known as crossroad of many ancient cultures. It is now situated in Southeastern Europe and still you can find so much proof about the different cultures that have habited our lands – the oldest treasure found in the world – the Vulchitrun gold treasure (13-12 century BC) with Thracian origin speaks about the civilization of this population that has been developed on the territory of today’s Bulgaria during the pre-historic and ancient times.

According to the statistics and the researches, Bulgaria ranks third after Greece and Italy for its numerous and valuable culture heritage and archaeological monuments. As well you can enjoy the beautiful views and nature.

One of the most impressive discoveries about Bulgaria is the life-work of the two monk brothers of suggested Bulgarian origin – Cyril and Methodius that have created the script and literature of the spoken Slav language. Then their students and followers, the seven Bulgarian saints, have disseminated the script to all the parts of the nowadays nations that read and write with the Cyrilic alphabet. At first it was Glagolic – created by the two brothers, but then, considered as too difficult to understand and be used by the peoples, between 886 and 893 AD it was developed and a bit transformed to what it is now.

The Cyrilic alphabet now is spread to all the ancient Slavic lands like Serbia, Montenegro, Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Macedonia and others.

Folklore & Traditions

About 7000 years BC and 3000 before the Egyptians, traders from the land named nowadays Bulgaria, had crossed up and down the Mediterranean. This history, almost as old as the Greek one, had given multiple reasons for a national pride and huge inspiration for a new national spirit. Bulgarians have conserved so much from the ancient folklore, ideas and mindset – this is now a rich spiritual world, full with colors, rhythms, and melodious songs which you can fall in love with so easily. Take a step into the Bulgarian atmosphere, have a look at the Bulgarian arts and crafts, the gaiety and the pulse of Bulgarian festivals and customs, taste the piquant cuisine and the delicate fragrance of Bulgarian wine and you will never want to leave.

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