A walk in time with romantic Retro Tram

A walk in time with romantic Retro Tram 2018-11-29T16:22:31+00:00

Cosily cuddled in the lower slopes of Vitosha mountain and the wide Sofia Plain, the capital of Bulgaria-Sofia gradually became a very popular and preferred destination among the tourists that are looking for adventures and are eager to explore some new and exciting places. As a crossroad between the West and the Middle East and its strategic location, Sofia is close to some of the most popular cities like Athens, Istanbul, Bucharest, Skopje, Beograd, Ljubljana, Zagreb etc..  The accessibility is provided by the three major freeways: Trakia, Lyulin and Hemus. The Sofia Airport provides all the travelers with convenient connections to all major European cities and from the central train station and bus station passengers can reach every destination in the country. Basically Sofia has a lot to offer: green parks, historical landmarks, interesting buildings with interesting stories, great traditional and international cuisine, many shops, restaurants, coffee shops, colorful streets, cultural events and many attractions.

The Sofia retro tram is one of the most popular and favorite attractions of Sofia. If you decide to take a look of the landmarks of the city in a romantic and interesting way-then this is your thing. The tram has two wagons which are part of the Sofia’s old trams collection. They are both in a different style that keeps the spirit of these times (early 20’s and 30’s of the past century) with the wooden seats and romantic silky curtains. They have 36 seating places and capacity up to 50 people. The wagons are restored for attraction purposes and will take you back to Old Sofia and its interesting and romantic stories and secrets. Our qualified professional tour guide will tell you some fascinating stories and facts about all the landmarks that are on the way.

While traveling back in time you can enjoy a little snack, a glass of wine or fresh drink that will make your experience even more memorable.  We will take care of this!

So, when you plan your next visit to Sofia, don’t miss the retro tram-it will make your stay even more interesting and exciting!