Taste the true Bulgarian spirit

Taste the true Bulgarian spirit 2018-11-29T16:39:49+00:00

Here in Bulgaria we have a quote that says: “The nation has survived, because its people

laughed.” We would like to add to this quote that besides the laugh, there is something else
that is rooted in Bulgarian existence and also helped Bulgarians to pass trough rough times
along the history namely its national drink – the rakia.
It is clear beverage made from distillation of fermented fruits. The making of rakia is a
tradition from many centuries and in the different regions it is made from different fruits:
plums from the region of Troyan and Teteven, apricot from the region of Tutrakan, Silistra
and Dobrich and in the region of The rose valley- even from the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose .
Rakia is the most favorite Bulgarian drink and its presence is mandatory for every feast and
the combination of rakia and shopska salad is something like a holy grail for all Bulgarians .
One of the places you can taste that “treasure” is the Starosel Complex. Its distillery is a
combination of traditions and technology and the result is a drink, worthy to compete with
the world’s most renowned distillates.
The wine and SPA complex Starosel is located under the southern slopes of Sredna gora
mountain and is only on 2 hours away from the capital Sofia. It offers to its guests stunning
view, exquisite cuisine and beverages and a unique feeling for peace, tranquility and
coziness. Ideal for teambuilding activities: wine and rakia tasting, golf, horse ride, rent-a
bike. It even has its own mini zoo.
Come and experience the comfort, traditions and nature!