Teambuilding- Bulgarian traditions, customs and spirit

When we do a teambuilding, we do it without putting limits. This is what we did with the first Bulgarian teambuilding “In the spirit of Bulgarian traditions”, which brings together hundreds of years of history and culture.

June 2016 welcomed us with angry weather, lots of contrasts and a great new challenge – to accomplish a large project that combines Bulgarian history, traditions and customs and recreates them for our guests through a teambuilding program.

The truth is that creating and developing such a program is not an easy task, especially if you want to show as much as possible and at the same time every stage and detail has been “worked out” to the slightest detail.

Fortunately, the task is made easier if you have the most iron, credible, creative and crazy team ever to enrich the program all the time.

We did it and we can not believe how impressive it was, what energy was spreading on the freshly cut grass at the Rila Hotel track in Borovets.

Where did everything start?

We were tired and bored by the teambuilding games we had already done many times. They exist in different forms at different partners who offer these services and are interesting and entertaining, BUT … but after you have done them once, you cannot offer the same thing the next year, right? Our customers expect our programs to be upgraded, especially in the evolving world of technology and communication, and each time to offer them something different by leaping over the previous teambuilding.

This is the reason why we develop our concepts to meet both the expectations of our clients and the urge to create and support the cultural heritage of Bulgaria. Bulgarian teambuilding is just the beginning of a series of new concepts that we will offer in the future, driven by the desire to enrich people with knowledge and skills.

Our concept of a Bulgarian teambuilding program combines gaming elements, logical tasks, competitions, unifying games that allow the whole team to embark on a common adventure. Each participant in each team had to be actively involved in order for the team to prosper. People were so “inspired” that they exceeded our expectations. They demonstrated team spirit and creativity, creativity, adaptability, artistry, combinability and last but not least – they managed to get to know our country better.

In large companies with over 100 people it’s hard for them to know each other and teambuilding is the time to happen. New friendships and healthy relationships were born, and finally we put the icing on the cake – the party at the club.

We thought we tired them out. We were wrong.

Each successful event rests on the shoulders of its partners. Ours were more than fantastic.

We opened the event with an impressive stage of antiquity, combined with folk dances and songs, we shot everything from all angles, including the air, we challenged everyone to make the most of themselves, we included local people who revealed the secrets of Samokov, we changed football rules and more, and more …

All this happened with the support of our partners from Rila Hotel, who demonstrated professionalism in every respect and Borovets Adventure Center, which besides support during the event offered interesting ideas for activities in the vicinity.

We thank all of our partners.