Useful tips for all travel lovers

In order to not turn the long-awaited trip into a nightmare, we offer several handy solutions that will save you a lot of headaches

Although we associate travelling with positive emotions, this is not always the case. Carrying a suitcase of 20 kilograms and 10 kilograms backpack does not fit our notions of rest, but sometimes you have no other chance. You go to a warm island, but your wife decides to take all summer and half of winter clothes – no, we still have no solution for this situation.

For men we offer some useful tricks that will save you jumping on the suitcase.

Cables. So many cables.

Put chargers and headphones in an old glasses case.
Thus you will avoid the moment of “unraveling impossible”.

Save space.

Wrap the socks in a roll and put them in the spare shoes that you have planned for the trip. In this way your shoes will not look like crushed buns and you will know where to easily find a clean pair of socks.

To save space, roll your clothes in a roll. You will be surprised how much more can fit your suitcase for luggage your wife will think of taking at the last minute.


If you have to fold a shirt so not to crumple it, use a piece of rectangular paper or tablet to put in the middle and fold the shirt around it.

Personal documents

Make a copy of your personal documents and upload them to a “cloud” from which you can remove them if they disappear.


Buttons are a convenient solution to find your earrings easily, and the straw (for drinking) can be used as a necklace organizer.

Always have a backup plan

Put spare money in an empty lip gloss. So you will not be completely helpless if you are left without documents, money and phone.

Finally – remember that the holiday is mainly for fun. Try the local cuisine, learn about the customs and traditions of people living in the area.